What will you get from food truck festivals?

Food truck festivals convey together over 20 of the area’s best food vans for attendees to adore altogether in one venue! Attendees can scuff from out of city trucks as well as local preferences. Trucks will have a collection of lesser tariff stuffs to their customary full-size food to pick from. All centenaries have homegrown bands and some kids’ events; such for example, face painting.


  • You need to realize what food in Los Angeles is like, outside the gilded Beverly Hills cafes and the bottle-service nightclubs.
  • You could do poorer than to shunt into an empty car parking lot late-night, you must check the matches on your iPhone and lookout the expanse of asphalt fill with hundreds of voracious folks.
  • They, and perhaps you, have been bid here by a Twitter flash from the Kogi van, a retrofitted cookery van serving kimchi dogs, Korean short-rib tacos and other palatable signs of L.A.’s well-known cross traditional completeness.
  • Drenched dishes of food drawn straightforward from the town’s recombinant DNA.



It is basically a festival where people come and join together for the sake of food. The food lovers come to have ultimate fun. Along with food, there are lots of extra entertainments where people, from toddler to old age, all can enjoy.

The main attraction is obviously various kinds of tasty and crunchy foodstuffs. The price is also pocket-friendly, so you can taste the varieties of food in this festival. Food truck festivals 2016 are coming soon. Just keep yourself updated!

Some famous food truck festivals around the world

  • North Shore festivals

However when festival period is coming to an end, Food Truck Festivals have one more halt to mark! On the 17th of October, which happens to be a Saturday, there was a gathering in food truck festival Stoneham area.

There were 20 region’s best food trucks and obviously Sam Adams Craft Beer. There were also some arrangements of live music performance and face art with colors for kids, in food truck festival Stoneham last year.



Gourmets, that wanted a slight more enthusiasm in their much talked about jubilee preparation; the exceptional VIP Hour was arranged for them at Captivating venue, till late hours of noon. VIP Hours consist of:

  • Early admission to the fiesta
  • no queue
  • limitless non-alcoholic brews
  • Order sweet dishes form Whoo Wagon
  • a cookie from Samuel Adams Beer

A snitch glances peek at partaking trucks:

  • Roxy’s Barred Cheese
  • Whoopie Wagon
  • Happy Taco
  • Zinneken’s Waffles
  • Gotta Q
  • Munch Mobile

This festival was first time organized in 2015. And among food truck festivals 2015 it is one of the best eye catching elements. The success of this festival will surely bring the next year excitement.

  • IE Food truck fest
  1. Inland Empire inhabitants will get their seal of food carts as the epicurean meals will meet at Residents Business Bank Ground.
  2. Advertised as “IE foodie weekend,” food truck festivals inland empire initiates with a grill competition trailed by the jubilee participants, the third one held in the row.
  3. Authorized by Kansas City Barbecue Society, IE Dixie Salsa BBQ Competition will eye at least 6 squads competing for awards and medals. You will get around a dozen foodstuff vans.
  4. Spread out about the border of the ground’s parking, 48 vans will work up all from Chinese tamales to Spam burgers.

The popularity of food truck festivals inland empire owes in areas of San Bernardino County decree, which forbids food trucks for wandering the roads. When the truck trend has taken over civic places in Los Angeles and Orange regions, it has continued silent in Inland Empire due to the prohibition.

The concept of food truck festivals is also very much innovative. Lots of trucks with varieties of food come together in one place and sell their foods. People, who love to eat, come and spend some exciting days relishing with varieties food items. If you miss the food truck festivals 2015, make sure to attend food truck festivals 2016 with outmost effort. It is not about only eating; food festivals are such a place which is the get together of several foodie souls.

Food truck festival is the new trend in American culture. It is very much expensive for the common people to go to a restaurant for everyday dining. So, the food truck is the best option for them. It provides them delicious food with a lot of variety. Moreover, the price is very much affordable, that is why it is easy accessible.



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