Types of Food Trucks in Boston

Boston is one of the popular places where people come to visit at least once in his life. Boston is a rich city where you will get various types of foods, which will take you to even the remotest corners of the earth by titillating your taste buds. You will get to see different kinds of trucks loaded with special dishes. You can experience various kinds of tastes from the food trucks Boston that can leave a life time experience in your mind. The term food trucks Cambridge refers to all those people who are associated with serving lip-smacking delicacies to the residence as well as tourists. There are various kinds of special dishes take place and you can purchase the foods from the trucks as well. If you are new in Boston then you should experience some of these dishes from the food trucks Boston for sale. These food trucks for sale have different names and these are decorated with various colors so that they easily attract the eyes of the crowed in a busy road.

Special kinds of food trucks Boston

If you keep your eyes on the busy road of Boston then you will see some colorful trucks loaded with foods and some of them are famous among the citizens. Here you will get to read some of the food trucks Boston that can steal your mind.

Lilo’s Plates

You will get some special dishes to enjoy from this food truck. The specialty of the food truck is its Hawaiian food.

  • If you want to taste the Japanese Burger then find out this food truck and you will get it with an egg fry and beef curry which will give you an absolute new food to taste.
  • Chicken Island Curry is another dish that is available at this food truck.


Uyghur Kitchen

If chicken is one of your favorite and you are at Boston then don’t forget to go to this food truck. This is one of the famous and reputed food trucks for sale.

  • The chicken wraps and lamb preparation of this food truck can steal your mind. This special dish is a tasty blend of Chinese and Turkish.
  • This fusion dish can give you a life time experience.


 The Cookie Monstah

You will hardly get a person who has no interest on cookies. This is one of those food trucks Boston that serve good quality cookies and that too with turtle ice cream. This food truck gets more attention of the kids and the children than other food trucks Boston for sale.

  • The yummy ice cream and chocolate taste of the cookies of the food truck give the ultimate pleasure to the kids.
  • This ice cream sandwich is not a favorite of the kids and the children but it should be tried at least once by all.


Bon Me

If you are finding for a good quality food truck that serves snacks to the buyers then you should go to this food truck stall.

  • You will get unique kind of sandwiches at this stall and apart from that you will also get noodle salad at this stall.
  • And the best part is that you can tell what do you want in your salad and according to your choice the food truck will give you all.
  • Rice bowls are another reason of attraction of this truck. The truck has five brunches and you will get two of them at Fort Point and Kendall Square.




This stall is running since the year of 2008.

  • If egg is one of your weakness and you want to try a sandwich with the eggplant then the Clover food truck is waiting to serve you the best dish.
  • This stall is famous for its various kinds of sandwiches and you will be impressed when you will try their Panella sandwich.


Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

If you are a resident of Cambridge area, you will certainly not feel left out as the Downtown area is often visited by Roxy’s grilled Cheese truck which will definitely remind of food trucks Cambridge.

  • This stall is especially for the cheese lover and you will get a thick layer of cheese in its various snacks dishes.
  • Nicki Minaj Burger is one of its most popular dishes that should be experienced by the passer by.


Chicken and Rice Guys

Rice and chicken is always attractive to the young generation and you will get these preparations at various places.

  • This food truck serves the same preparation with a unique taste.
  • You will get grilled chicken with yellow rice that is topped with white sauce. This dish can give you an awesome experience and you will go to this stall again and again to have them.

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