Top 4 Food Trucks in Seattle

Food truck is popular throughout America, especially in Seattle, Washington. What is a food truck? Though people of the USA are quite familiar to it, still for your information food truck is a truck that carries foods. It is often argued that fast food concept was given birth by mainly food trucks. However, there is lack of enough evidence behind this claim. But, that does not undermine the popularity of food trucks Seattle. People love to experience compassionate culinary twists with these food trucks. Food trucks sell different kinds of fast foods. They are famous among the office goes and college students. Tourists also find this opportunity to be unique to be tried. In this article, we shall find a guide to the best food truck in Seattle.

Top 4 Food Trucks in Seattle, WA

From fish taco to handmade ice cream, you would find different types of food items with food trucks in Seattle. You would find some common fast food options, like burger, tacos, sandwiches, etc. here you will get to know about Seattle food truck catering as well. You would also find some of the unique preparations too with food trucks. These are known as low cost vendors for different food items. This is the reason they are particularly famous among the office goers and college students. So, which are the most popular food trucks Seattle? In the following section, find a few of them, listed as per their popularity respectively.

1. Marination Mobile

Marination Mobile

Well, at the top of our list we have the most popular food truck of Seattle, namely Marination Mobile’s Food Truck.

  • The main USP of this food truck is that its unique food dishes. Basically, this food truck sells specially made Hawaiian and Korean dishes.
  • A unique blend of these two region’s culinary culture will definitely give lip smacking experience.
  • In various surveys, this food truck has been named as America’s most favorite food truck.
  • The food truck is known for the tasty tacos. You must try their tacos for at least once in your life, if you are a true taco fan.
  • Apart from taco, the food truck also sells dishes, like Ginger Miso Chicken, Kalbi beef, Spicy Pork, Sexy Tofu and many more.
  • They also have awesome ranges of desserts in offering for the sweet teeth. For its beautiful food dishes and for its immense popularity, this food truck is rightly crowned as the best food truck Seattle.

2. El Camion


El Camion is one of the best food trucks Seattle.

  • This food truck is known for its exceptional quality of foods, belonging to authentic Mexican cuisines.
  • If you are a true fan of Mexican foods, you should give a try to the nachos and tacos of this food truck.
  • It roams around New Seattle area, especially the college premises or office premises.
  • However, foods from this food truck are loved by everyone. For exceptional Seattle food truck catering, this food truck is appreciated by the dwellers of Seattle.
  • Some of the signature dishes of this food truck are grilled fish tacos, monster burritos, Adobada and many more. They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The best part is that they offer low cost foods.
  • This is why probably they are highly popular. Exceptional foods at low cost become even more enjoyable.

3. Maximus/Minimus

Maximus Minimus

This is one of the oldest food trucks, operating in Seattle region for a long time. Though it is the oldest, it has not lost its charm and popularity as an exceptionally well food truck, catering awesome quality foods. Maximum/Minimus is considered as one of the favorite Seattle food trucks for many reasons.

  • It prepares dishes with homemade cheese, which has a distinct taste and aroma.
  • Pork sandwich is their specialty dish, though different salads and pastas are also very good.
  • Foods are prepared by maintaining high level hygiene. It is also considered as one of the favorite Seattle food trucks for low cost foods.
  • Pinch to pocket is minimal, but taste buds’ satisfaction will be maximal. This is why probably it has been Maximus/Minimus.

4. Fusion on the Run


Fusion foods are often considered as contemporary foods. Fusion the future and thus no doubt that people of different ages love fusion fast foods. True fans of fusion foods must try Fusion on the Run.

  • This food truck has been nominated as America’s one of the most loved Seattle food trucks.
  • What makes this food truck special? Well, quality foods and exceptionally well priced menu.
  • Pocket pinches for the consumers are low, while they get high quality and hygienic foodstuffs to rock their taste buds.
  • Some of the most popular items are Coco Abodo Chicken, Mango Salsa, Boneless Pork Ribs, Kalua Pork Tacos, and many other dishes.

If you are a true foodie, experiencing the foods of these food trucks will definitely give you new kind of culinary experience. Savor excellent food at low cost with them.

Image by altiemae, Marination Mobile Yelp page, El Camion Website, Maximus/Minimus Yelp page, and Fusion On The Road Yelp page.

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