Speed: The Deciding Factor In The Food Truck Experience!

Food truck services are the fastest growing eating venue in today’s competitive marketplace. In any major city in the United States (and other parts of the world) it is commonplace to see dozens of patrons lined up at the often limited food trucks. Customers range from the upper management business person to the casual tourist. According to Mobil Food the food truck industry is expected to reach 2.7 billion dollars by 2017. That is a huge 3-4% of the overall restaurant business. Why the sudden growth?


Food trucks fit somewhere between the nicer restaurants and the fast food dives. The days of cold cuts are over and often food trucks serve gourmet foods at a reasonable price and the food is great! When a customer shells out $15.00 for lunch that is the quality they would expect from a sit down restaurant and they get it very fast; they feel they have gotten a bargain! With less overhead the gourmet foods can be served at reasonable prices. In essence, the diner wants fresh food, close by and at a good price. The convenience and speed means a lot. So much in fact, that almost half of the customers who frequent food trucks will pay more than $10.00 for a meal and will frequent the food truck at least twice per week.


So how important is speed? Actually speed is a factor in any food industry (even more so in food truck businesses) says QSR Magazine. Speed of service has always been an issue for any style restaurant industry and one that business owners address daily. Speed of food delivery is often the deciding factor when choosing a food truck over going to a fast food restaurant or even eating from the vending machine. Rarely are customers comparing the speed of a gourmet meal at a restaurant and a gourmet meal at a food truck. Though that comparison would be more fair, that is not reality. Customers may wait the additional few minutes it takes because you underestimated the lunch crowd, but the next time they make a choice they will most likely remember your lack of speed and you may not get their future business.


There is no doubt that the food truck industry has evolved in recent years. No matter what foods the owner specializes in, the public views this as a viable and wonderful choice in our busy worlds. The future is bright for these entrepreneurs. However, food trucks have a special order to fill (no pun intended). They are expected to be better than fast food, cheaper than fine diners and super-fast! Those who will succeed with this industry will master this unique position. Their reward will be massive growth in the near future and a huge share of market from the restaurant industry!


Image by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner


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