Social Media Marketing Basics for Food Truck

Food trucks have seen a surge in popularity over the last decade, typically offering whimsical twists on gourmet selections that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Most food trucks have a niche product or type of food, and many of them have somewhat of a ‘cult’ following. But with food trucks constantly on the move, how is it they’ve developed such strong fan bases? Well, the answer is simply social.

Social media has made it possible for food trucks to have consistent popularity. If you think about it, the gourmet food trucks we know today may not have fared so well in any other time in history, because they would have had a hard time letting people know where they would be at any given time. Unlike a brick and mortar restaurant, food trucks rely on social media to let their fans know where they’re going to set up shop for the day, what’s on the menu, and what time they can get it. It sounds easy enough, but creating a social platform for yourself does require a few marketing techniques and steps to follow, if you’re considering your own food truck business.


  1. Learn Your Platforms

Learn everything you can about social media that goes far beyond just Twitter and Facebook. There are so many useful tools available for businesses today, and it’s important to be up to date on how to use them, and how to stay relevant. The more creative and innovative you can be, the more people will be attracted to your business.


  1. Create Content & Connect

When you own a food truck, posting content regularly is extremely important when it comes to connecting with people, whether they already know about you or not. Be consistent, be relevant, be creative, and be sure to respond to everything, whether it’s positive, or negative. You need to build relationships just as much as building your brand.


  1. Work Locally

Even though a food truck is mobile, chances are you’ll be staying within one community, so don’t be afraid to collaborate with businesses that already have a good standing and great following in the area. If you can compliment each other, when it comes to general marketing, doing a promotion, etc., your name will not only reach more people, but it will establish you as a trustworthy business.


  1. Create Buzz

This can tie in with working together with other businesses in the community, but creating buzz around your own business is equally important. Have something people can look forward to, and market it through social media – a weekly or monthly promotion using a specific hashtag, an Instagram contest, etc. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity here, and utilizing social media to not only connect with your fans, but make new ones, is the best way to ensure your business will be successful, and your food will feed as many mouths as possible!


Image by Jason Howie


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