How to raise $20,265 for a Food Truck in less than a month

For someone who wasn’t born rich, finding $20,265 to buy a food truck in less than a month could seem impossible. Luckily, by combining technology, her creative intuition, and hours of planning Linda Jo Kushner, the founder of Linda’s Luncheonette, managed to reach her funding goal without having to resort to family loans. The coolest thing is that you follow Linda’s example to fund your own truck. Want to know how? Not only Kushner, but several thousands of business starters all around the world fund their projects through a program called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an online showroom for creative projects, where investors from any country in the world may donate money to boost causes they find interesting. If it’s the first time you’re hearing about Kickstarter, here’s its business model, in short.

People can go on and create an online campaign, entering a summary of their task, a pledge goal (the funds they need), and a video, ranging from 2 to 15 minutes, where they have the chance to engage their audience in their idea and provide explanations on where the money will go.

The campaign creators gain access to the money only if the target goal is reached, which means that if you are searching for $50K to purchase a mobile restaurant (East Coast Custom Coaches was her food truck custom builder) and you manage to raise only $30K, these funds will not become available to you. On the other hand, if the goal is reached, then keeps a percentage of the money as a commission. You can check out Linda’s campaign profile here to see what she did to pull it through. In essence, Linda created an engaging short video explaining how she got the idea for her food business, what she would do with the money and, the most important part, have the viewer get a glimpse at her personality.

When Kushner’s KickStarter campaign finished at 28 days, she had managed to get 85 supporters that donated $20,265 in total. The result is the now successful “Linda’s Luncheonette” which keeps customers happy in the Montgomery County, in Maryland, with its “Nostalgia on a Plate” delicacy.

Linda's Luncheonette Process


Starting your own KickStarter Campaign in 4 Easy Steps

If your Linda’s story inspired you, you should know that it’s not that hard to launch your own campaign. Where to begin? If campaigning on KickStarter to fund your business idea is what you are after, take some advice that will help you get going and increase your chances of succeeding.


1. Research

Do some research on food trucks that have managed to reach their funding goals on KickStarter in the past. Look carefully at the information they shared, how they produced their video, what bonuses they gave way. Furthermore, failed campaigns also have a lot to teach. Take advantage of what usually works and avoid doing the same mistakes that led others to fail.


2. Tell Your Story

While throwing out numbers and stats while you present your business proposition might seem like a good idea, and it certainly is to a degree, remember not to neglect the personal aspect. Don’t suppress your personality –instead go ahead and describe what inspired your business idea. It is a good opportunity to tell the story of the food you’ll be serving on your truck.


3. Let Family and Friends Know About Your KickStarter Campaign

The whole idea behind crowdfunding is to make your idea known to as many people around the word as possible, inspire them and get them to fund it so that, hopefully, it reaches the target. In doing so, why neglect your existing social network? When you are the beginning, it’s the best time for family and friends to support you so that momentum is built quickly and your project takes off as soon as possible.


4. Start

When you have everything set up, launch your project here.


Image from Linda’s Luncheonette Facebook and Linda’s Luncheonette Kickstarter page


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