Locating The Prime Spot For A Food Truck Business

When it comes to any kind of business, location is everything, where one chooses to situate a business is a fundamental question of economics which food truck owners must attempt to answer every day. According to IBIS World researcher Inc. Food trucks or mobile kitchens on four wheels statistically account for about 37% of the $1.4 billion revenue in street peddling in the previous year, thus a 15% increase in food trucks vending over the past five years.


Many lovers of street foods flock the food truck arenas in the United States in admirable numbers often in search of fresh, unique and local menu satisfactions. Though the food truck and food cart businesses aren’t new evolutions in America, they however seem to be exploding in a pool of admirable popularity.


Undoubtedly, many food truck owners connect and communicate with their customers via various means, majorly through the social media platforms. Researchers have through the social media determined that about 4,000 trucks and above vend in cities in the United States. The question therefore remains; considering the number of trucks in operation, how do they manage to stay in business?


It’s all about location and locations. Some experts are of the opinion that location is even more significant than the menu, as such, successful food truck owners pick the best locations proven to be prime and consistently profitable locations with enough persons to adequately sustain a food truck or several food trucks.


Street Parking: Parking on the street seems to be a very logical choice for food trucks, it is the first choice people consider when it comes to selling food and it is the revelry of food truck owners when they consider driving round the city, if the city permits it. The challenge comes in finding a great and legal parking space on the street which is often easier said than done. Deciding the best parking spot on the street involves determining one’s target customers and the frequent venues of these audiences such that if you run an ice cream or you specialize in the coffee truck, your audience will most likely frequent the parking spots near schools, shopping centers, parks and other great choices that will offer a close range to customers; teens, kids and families as they go about their daily routine.


Food Truck Packs: There is often the temptation to think that parking or vending next to a food truck is a totally bad idea, this is not always so. As a food truck owner, the first instinct may tell to park in area where food trucks aren’t many but few, again, parking near other food trucks may not necessarily be a bad strategy especially considering the fact that many food truck vendors have discovered that sales often increase when they park close to other trucks or sell in food truck parks.


A good reason to explain this may be the fact many food trucks avail people a variety of menu as they may be tempted to buy something from each truck to get a sample of everything. Also, food truck owners who often meet at a location on a consistent or daily basis often attract more audience than a single truck, at food truck parks; there are more choices for dinner which makes it easy for families to locate menu choices capable of satisfying their individual tastes. In addition, signing up for events or occasions involving trucks with non-competing menu categories is advised, it will be profit wise to sell ice cream while parked next to a pizza truck, beverage cart or bistro truck.


Festivals, Events and Sports Venues: No doubt that festival, events and sports venues offer good selling opportunities for owners of food trucks and mobile food vendors. Food truck vendors have a success history when sales are made at festivals, events or large state fairs. These events and fairs avail vendors an audience or a population of customers with ready money to spend, as such, they provide excellent avenues for food truck owners to introduce their trucks and sell their menus to large and amazing crowds of people. It is important to note that even when you are not booked a spot at an event or festival, there is the possibility of catching a lot of traffic from customers either coming or going when you pick a prime spot on the street close to the event venue.


Around Offices or Business Parks: Parking outside offices or around business parks could also prove a great choice when looking for a great parking spot on streets. If the laws of the city permit it, it is very much advised to pick spots close to major offices and business arenas where the workers can easily reach your food truck and catch a meal on their lunch breaks. Contacting companies to provide decent catering services for employees may be even wiser as they would allow parking on their private properties to ensure excellent service deliveries to their employees. Landing a parking spot on private properties of business firms and organizations promises an assurance of a steady, constant and reliable pool of customers who are hungry.


Getting an idea of some great parking spots and figuring out the legal status of the types of parking in your city is very important, some cities pose challenge of legislation around industries food truck owners, as such, there comes the need for unique creativity in locating the best spot for food trucks. Keeping the favorable spot seems to come at a good price though, arriving early to reserve the spot or making arrangements with the owners of the property to ensure a frequent service.


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