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The concept of food truck began in the United States in 1860. The vehicles were adapted to serve meals to road travelers. In urban centers, this type of trade was created to be a quick and cheap option in the nineteenth century. The change of the food truck concept is mainly given to the 2008 economic crisis when many restaurants closed their doors, and the owners realize that serving high-quality dishes in the street, at low cost can be a good option. This business was expanded to the whole world and emerged as a more viable business option for entrepreneurs in the food sector. National Restaurant Association expects that food trucks produce $650 million in annual revenue.

The rivalry between the food truck owners and the common restaurants can be considered low. People who buy their meals from the food trucks seek an alternative to restaurants. People often are not willing to pay the price charged in a restaurant or are looking for a different experience. Nowadays people from different age groups and social classes use social networks. When you have a business, it is very important to be present in these cyber environments, especially for the food truck marketing.

There are several new social networks created all the time and it may seem a little scary to know which social networks you should use and how to use them. Surely Facebook and Twitter are the two most useful social networks for your food truck. In both cases, you can post when and where your truck will be parked and invite your followers to visit you. Remember that being social is the key word of this type of marketing and interact with your followers, answer questions and share ideas are the best ways to create a bond with your clients. Post pictures of your dishes and your food truck can also attract new customers or remind the current clients how delicious your meals are and how good it would taste them again.

Social media is an important channel of communication with your customer base and potential customers and help your brand to be present in people’s lives. They help to personalize your customer service and replace the physical presence of a fixed point while you go to different cities. Some of the main forms of brand exposure with regard to advertising are creating a brand page on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs. These channels are free and allow a direct and informal contact with the consumer. The participation in all events can be disseminated through these channels, and you can also advertise the promotions of the day, in order to strengthen relationships with the consumers. Participate in gastronomic events, since these events are increasingly common and for many entrepreneurs, these events are an effective way to attract customers.


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