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At present a large number of new generation food lovers are flocking around the different types of mobile food vehicles like food trucks, food carts, and food trailers. There are also “Bustaurants” in some states where people can have their foods sitting inside a bus and the mobile food industry is passing through a great boom that it has never experienced before. Food trucks are now very common across the United States and are considered as one of the prime street food outlet. According to the Economists the recent slow growing economy has largely contributed to the growth in mobile street-food business. People are now always on the lookout for inexpensive foods and having shorter lunch hours are also one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the mobile food business. One need not always buy a new food truck; buying a used food truck is also a good idea to start with. But one must have the knowledge of where food truck for sale is available for procuring one and start his own business.

Nature of food truck business

Food trucks are large vehicles that have arrangement for selling and cooking foods. While most of the food trucks has kitchen for preparing foods there are also ice cream trucks and trucks that sell frozen or pre-packaged foods. Besides selling fast foods like Sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, some of these mobile units also offer gourmet cuisine with a variety of special dishes and ethnic menus and have dedicated customers. The mobile food industry serves around 2.5 billion of Americans every day.

6 Ways to find food truck for sale

There are few options available for buying the right food truck. Finding a food truck in good condition within the budget is not that easy and one has to do a lot of searching for buying one. This article aims to make you familiar with the places where you can get food trucks which are ready for sale.

  1. Buying from a corporate fleet

    In case you have a mind to start with a used food truck it is better to buy one that belonged to a corporate fleet. These are cared throughout their lives. You are also likely to be provided with their standard maintenance practices and records that will help you to have a fair idea of the food truck in good condition.

  2. Locating a Custom Manufacturer

    Locating a custom food truck manufacturer can transform your dreams of buying the right food truck into reality. You can easily find a few of them in your state. These people are aware of the health and fire safety requirement in your state and can accordingly provide the right plumbing and electrical connections. Further, also help you about the layout for maximum space utilization and there are some who also train entrepreneurs on operation and marketing for kick starting the business. Check out Top 10 Custom Builders.

  3. Shopping on eBay

    You can find a large list of food truck for sale on eBay. It is better to visit their website to have an idea of the different food trucks, their features and prices quoted. And you can also be lucky enough to find a food truck that is available for sale in your state. You should always insist for physical inspection and take the services of a professional mechanic for evaluating the real condition of the truck. There is no point in buying one that will not pass local inspection and updating a food truck to new regulations can be a costly affair.

  1. Networking with other truck owners

    Food truckers are a closely-nit business community. Most of them know the competitors very well and have information when one of them is looking for an early exit. They are also aware of the good truck builders in the states. You can approach them by sending email. But you may have to wail because most of these people are very busy and they may take time to share their experience.

  2. Contacting the food truck association

    If you are heading towards buying a used food truck then the agencies can help. There is a Food Truck Association or similar organization in almost every major city. You can also approach them for finding your dream food truck. The problem with such organizations is that these are mostly managed by the food truck manufactures and so you have to be sure that the information provided does not contain any bias.

  3. Making online searches

    You may also search the online classified website of Craigslist of your city. Going through their sale business section you are likely to find a food truck deal that suits your requirements. There are also many other websites who help the mobile food vending entrepreneurs like food truck  empire these can also be approached  for finding a food truck for sale.


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