Food Truck Lessons from the Movie Chef

For any business, you need to get the right kind of inspiration. This inspiration can be attained by communicating with people who attained similar milestones, going through entrepreneurial websites and even watching movies portraying business achievements. If you are planning for a food truck business startup, “The Chef” is one of the best movies that will provide immense knowledge about how a food truck business can be started and run successfully as well.


Basic Plot of the movie and Business Lessons

The story resolves a person named Carl Casper, who is the head chef of a restaurant in California. Carl is an innovative minded person who wants to change the menu of the restaurant and bring in new dishes. This suggestion is turned down very rudely by the management of the company which wants the restaurant to continue with the same regular dishes. Eventually, Carl decides to put an end to the misery and quits his job. He starts working on a food truck business venture with a small team. Carl targets serve Cuban Food on wheels and his business venture becomes a complete success in New Orleans, Texas and Los Angeles as well. If you are planning to start a food truck business start-up and you want your business to be successful, you can use some of the key strategies that Carl Casper uses in this movie to get his business right at the top. If you are unaware of how to start a food truck business, these steps would surely provide immense assistance.


  1. Have a liking for cooking and serving food


What was Carl’s food truck business such a major success? This is because he was in love with cooking food and serving it in the best manner. As a person who wants to launch a successful food truck business, you need to have the same quality. Apart from being a good cook, you need to be able to put yourself in place of your customers. How would their taste buds comprehend to what has been served? You need to put your heart and soul and have the liking for cooking and serving.


  1. Serving tasty, but uncommon dishes


Every business is competitive and food truck business is not an exception. Why would people come to you if you are serving what a lot of other restaurants and food on wheels startups are serving? Hence, think out of the box and design a menu that has dishes with unique compositions and taste blends. This is exactly what Carl Casper did. He targeted a specific niche of Cuban food and this strategy attracted a large number of customers in quick time. When customers come to you, the first thing they would do is go through the menu. If the menu contains common food items, the customers would not be attracted. Thus, you need to provide unique dishes.


  1. Arrangement of a Truck


It is obvious that when you are planning to launch a food truck startup, the first thing that you need is a truck as you would be on wheels all the time. When you are buying a truck, make sure that it has enough space for cooking, dishwashing and other activities so that everything can be done smoothly. Carl Casper used smart thinking skills when he aimed at starting a food truck business in the movie Chef. Along with that, your truck should have a colorful, catchy theme so that you can easily get customer attention while moving.


  1. Promotion and Marketing


You can never get customers for a new business if you have not marketed the business well. Why would people come to your food business startup if they do not know anything about you? Hence, marketing the food truck business prior to launch is very important. Tell people that you are entering the market. Which marketing modes do you need to use. Keeping the current condition that people are tech savvy and they read about everything on the internet, social media marketing is an important option that you need to use. Create a twitter account for a start. Apart from that, make an interactive Facebook page with pictures of your brand logo, truck and menu card. After that, you can market the link of your page through different websites. Using YouTube is a very effective marketing mode as well. You can create videos of your food business startup and get make the videos viral. Seeing is better than reading. Once people view what you are offering, they would be attracted to your food options. For instance, in the movie Chef, Carl Casper gets his food truck business through social media prior to launch. This helps him in getting a large number of customers at a fast pace.

  1. Get a capable team


If you want to run your food truck business successfully, you need to get a capable and competent team with you. For a start, three to four people would be enough. If you view the movie Chef, you will realize that Carl Casper had a good team with him before he started his business. You need people who can help you with cooking, cutting, packing and various other tasks. If you are the head chef, you would be required to pay attention to cooking. Hence, you would need an operational team for the food truck business. When you have a good supportive team, you can even aim at expanding your business and getting into more trucks with the passage of time.


  1. The comparison of stores and food truck businesses


If a comparison is made between a food truck business and a conventional food business, you would witness that a food truck business is a more successful option. You have the chance of moving and reaching customers in different areas. This is what Carl Casper did in the movie Chef. As he was on wheels, he had the chance of reaching more customers in an easy manner. On the other hand, as a business owner, if you are restricted to one location, you would find is hard to get customers who live far from the location of your restaurant.




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