How to find a food truck location

Food Trucks are profitable businesses.

Everyone in this world has his own set of preferences especially when it comes to the basic things as food. There are different styles of cuisine and locating a restaurant of one’s preference would lead one to travel quite a distance. This is not possible for every meal one consumes and one is forced to compromise on one’s preferences and settle for something which is the next choice. Thus everyone is conscious that of his/her compromise based on the ground reality. Businesses thrive only because of tapping this feeling to their advantage and food industry is no exception to this rule. Provide what the customer prefers and you win in business. As food trucks are compact and movable you can place the truck where you have more concentration of people with preference for food you provide and this enables you to have a profitable business. So does the location of food truck matter? Yes it does The most important thing about owning a food truck business is the location. How to find the best location for your food truck? Here are a few tips

Utilize your strong holds.

A person can make an impact on the areas where he is trained and what he is good at. A restaurant which caters for a particular cuisine preferred by majority of the people in that area will be successful. On the contrary even if one is strong and can give the best food in an area with people’s preference for a different cuisine will not be able to run a successful business. A restaurant is a fixed entity and could not be moved, whereas food trucks can be moved and placed exactly where the preferences are for the cuisine matches those with the cuisine that the particular truck can provide. This is what we call as win-win situation for both customers and caterers. With the right location for your food truck the business can boom.

Identify the area according to preferences.

To identify the right location for your food truck where your food truck can fetch enough customers, you should ascertain first your strong hold and the population of customers that have preference to what you can provide in that area. Exact match of preferences and your strong hold cannot be possible always, tolerable compromises comes into action in this situation. You can make some adjustments which are not totally away from your interest and the customers also could be willing to make a few compromises if majority of their preferences are catered. This can be achieved in several ways. You could make a questionnaire survey and get the preferences from the people in the area. This survey needs a lot of man hours and also you cannot expect people with all their preoccupations would be able to fairly participate. Contrarily, as an initial investment, you could provide your cuisine for comparatively lower prices initially to identify the customers. This can be done in a place for a week or two and based on the customer inflow based on word of mouth loyalty you can identify if the area is suitable or not. While doing this exercise one can also device the small adjustments that you can do as well as understand what the customers can tolerate for their main preference. As another exercise you could chose a metropolis and locate a suitable parking space. Once you have secured such a location, you could propagate your strong holds to the customers through several advertisement tactics such as paper inserts, TV advertisements, and the like. There are even food truck location apps available which you can register at. Since the world is now fast becoming digitalized the food truck location apps are the best advertisement you can get.

Small Adjustments to the current location could be beneficial.

Once you have identified and started your business in a particular area, you also should investigate better options. Parking fee could be lesser in a spot as close as to the spot you are in. There could be a place where you have better facilities for water and sewerage facilities. There could be a place with a pleasant atmosphere like park etc. around or waterfront etc. which could enhance the eating experience. In conclusion to the question does the location of food truck matter? We know that it definitely does and is very important. So the search for a perfect place is always continuous and you would find better and better places if you keep your mind open and make your choice.


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