So You Are Considering Your Own Food Truck – How To Beat The Competition

Jackie had a dream of someday owning his own restaurant, he loves to cook and has been told by many that his dishes are some of the most delicious foods they have tasted. Opening a restaurant however requires a lot of start-up funds, looking for a suitable location to rent, hiring staff and all the insurances required when a business has employees. As much as he loves to cook, the idea of having to also manage employees and maintain an actual brink and mortar restaurant is just not something he wants to do. He wants to cook, to create amazing foods and to make people happy. The idea of creating new taste sensations is a passion and a dream. Jackie decided to get his own Food Truck. After researching the business and armed with a desire to make people happy by offering them some of the most delicious foods possible, he discovered having his own Food Truck would help him accomplish this. Learning the benefits, the low startup costs and how quickly the industry is growing is what helped him make his decision.


What he also discovered was that the Food Truck Industry, according to a study recently released by Intuit, the forecast says the steady rise in popularity over the last five years or so will continue its rapid growth. They are also projecting that by 2017, Mobile Food Trucks will generate close to $2.7 billion…yes that is billion, in revenue. That is an increase of four times the amount since 2012 which was an estimated $650 million. This is a pretty lucrative way to make a living at not only being your own boss, but by doing something enjoyable and that makes others happy. Their popularity among consumers according to the study is because people love tasting unique flavors and gourmet cuisine that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. Which is why for those who decide to jump into the Food Truck business have to make sure they are offering something unique, exciting and even fun.


According to consumers surveyed by the Intuit study, over 90% of those interviewed not only rated the quality of food truck quality as excellent and typically used the words, exciting, fun, unique, usual and fun when they were asked why they ate at Food Trucks. So armed with this information, the most important way to compete with your Food Truck competitors is to make sure you are serving quality food that has a fun and unique taste experience every time. That is the great thing about having a Food Truck is being able to experiment and try out new recipes and food creations.


  • Don’t get stuck on serving only one or two specialties, because eventually someone else might come up with something similar. Make it a point to not get comfortable with offering just one or two great foods. Never ever, stop being creative, and get out of your comfort zone. Learn to experiment with new flavor combinations, textures, etc. often.
  • Keep your prices reasonable. Fabulous food at reasonable prices will bring back those return customers and keep them loyal. Offer specials for those regular customers occasionally. This will go far in keeping them coming back and also give them incentive to tell others about your foods.
  • Check out your competition occasionally. It’s just good business to see what types of things they are offering and what price ranges they may have. There is nothing wrong with checking out your competition, you can be sure when you are doing well, they will be checking you out.


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