7 Business Lessons from The Great Food Truck Race

The great food truck race is an amazing food competition hosted by famous chef Tyler Florence. This competition reveals realistic business challenges and experiences. If you’re an entrepreneur or want to start a food truck business, then this competition can teach you the smart ways and lessons to come up with the brilliant ideas.


Up till now, its 3 seasons have been up. The third season was a bit different from the previous two as in this season, 8 teams participated without their own truck. In previous seasons, teams had brought their own trucks, but in season 3, teams were provided food trucks to compete in a cross country race to get the winning amount of $50,000.The 3 person team had to prepare the local food culture as the race crosses different cities. The whole task of food truck race right from purchasing the food supplies from selling the food as per the local culture of the city contained different hurdles. The team that earns less had to go home, leaving the competition.


This program showed the workflow of how to start a food truck business from scratch. It displays the difficulties faced and smart techniques to sell more food and earn more profit in less time.

Fahrenheit Truck guys drumming up business at the Great Food Truck Race Finale Watch Party

The business lessons that can help you in starting your own food truck business include:


1. Right expenditure

If you intend to start a new business, the most important question is where to invest? The best option is to invest on product items or services without going for unnecessary spending.


2. Meeting your customers need

A flourished business is one that meets its customer’s needs and requirements. You should be aware of varying customer’s needs as per varying locations and cultures. This requires a precise attention.


3. Get feedback from the customers

The best part of food truck business is that you can instantly reach to your customers and obtain their feedback. You should try to mingle with your customers earn their trust to keep them engaged in your business. A friendly relation with the customers is the key to earn more profit in less time.


4. Hire the right employees

Selection of employees is of great matter, select those persons whom you see passionate about the business and having friendly nature so that they can attract more customers.


5. Focus on teamwork

Instead of ordering or getting furious on your employees, you should play a part of a strong leader and should develop strong communication and collaboration among all members. Always remember, you can never achieve your destined goal without a team work.


6. Don’t compromise on quality

Your food quality is what that can attract customer so, never compromise on the quality control otherwise your business might be left in jeopardy.


7. Marketing your brand

Make a team effort to market your brand, you can use solid marketing ideas to gather huge crowd. Spread your message using social media or by directly approaching customers, obtain new ideas from them, this can help in increasing your sales.


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