7 Successful Food Trucks in Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas with over 900,000 population in 2014. Austin is also well known for annual cultural events such as Austin City Limits Music Festival, Urban Music Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin Film Festival, and South by Southwest (SXSW). Live music is a big part of Austin culture. According to AustinRelocationGuide, SXSW draws more than 100,000 attendees to downtown for two weeks every March with estimated $100 million economic impact. And, the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) generates $73 million in economic impact for Austin in 2012. Approximately more than 2,000 food trucks are serving in Austin with innovated menus. There is not doubt Austin is one of the best cities to start a food truck business. Check out 7 awesome successful food trucks that serving in this awesome city.


East Side King

eastsideking food truck austin

A complete Austin food truck tour must include a visit to East Side King truck. Paul Qui, the winner of Top Chef Season 9, and Moto Utsunomiya established this food truck. According to them, the Asian rock bands and cultures as well as the experimental, laid-back, and fun-loving vibe of Austin was their inspiration. Their trucks are designed by Peelander Yellow and are an embodiment of the colorful creative, and free spirit of Austin. Make sure you reach out for their beet home fries.



Hey! You Gonna Eat or What?

Hey!. You Gonna Eat or What?

This food truck is the official winner of the 2013 Truck by Truckwest Taste-Off. They sell lots of ‘tude and large sandwiches. Their abrasive snarky chefs make the whole experience great. They go as far as ensure you enjoy your food and that you leave happy and well fed. The reason behind the truck’s 2013 win is the Shiner Bock Monte Cristo. Try that.





Gourdough’s specializes in big, fat donut that is capable of filling your heart’s donut-burger sized hole. The Big Fat Donuts is decadent enough to make an adult cry. Literally, this donut completes you. A bite of the Flying Pig donut topped and covered with bacon strips and a maple glaze respectively will give you the entire breakfast flavor you need. These donuts are fried to order, so expect a piping hot donut after a few minutes.



Hey Cupcake!

hey cup cakes

Hey Cupcake! used to be one of Austin’s first (now ubiquitous) silver airstream food trailers. From their name, they serve rich, big wonderful cupcakes. And just in case you cannot go to their truck, a doorstep delivery is available. Check out their red velvet cupcake. Its sweet cream cheese frosting and moist, soft cake is a die for.



Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts

Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts

This Austin’s newcomer food truck delivers a sweet treat. This truck is one of the few businesses in Austin that accepts Bitcoin as payment. You should buy the big bag cinnamon sugar mini donuts.



Veracruz All Natural

Veracruz All Natural

Texas loves tacos, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Veracruz All Natural will give you a soothing explanation of what breakfast tacos is. The hot sauce, homemade tortillas, and fillings of bacon, cheese, egg, and potatoes make Veracruz All Natural the best breakfast tacos seller in town.




chilantro korean bbq inspired

Chi’lantro has this fusion cuisine that permeates the food truck scene of Austin perfectly. Chi’lantro’s Korean-Mexican hybrid is a perfect late-night snack that combines two perfect foods (kimchi and tacos). Reach out for Chi’lantro’s kimchi fries. These fries are smothered in sriracha, cheese, and a creamy “magic” sauce.


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