10 Ways to Improve Food Truck Online Presence

The majority of business owners already have excellent ideas on the form of content that they must post on social media sites like Twitter and Face book. Thus here we’ll focus on many a food truck social media strategy for managing the social media platforms in a better way and several pristine ways of bettering the content that you share. This article will inform food truck businesses on the sorts of posts that will make their food truck marketing better on social media.

Efficient Food Truck Social Media Strategy

It is nothing but natural for food truck businesses to spend much of their time on their Twitter and Face book pages when they’re starting out, This is as building up a potent social media presence’s of great importance in food truck marketing. Nevertheless, with your business progressing you’ll find that the amount of spare time that you have in becoming lesser with every passing week. This is when you require taking a stride backward and examining the amount of time and hard work that you’re putting in for running the social media pages of your pages.

Social Media – What does it do for a Food Truck Business?

Eminent Food Truckers like Streetza Pizza & Kogi and are grand social media strategy example as they made great use of Twitter for popularizing their businesses. They make for grand social media strategy example that is a key reason behind social media & food trucks being a great foil for each other. Even now a good social media strategy plan is vital to the success of any food truck business. All such businesses are recommended to use a food truck social media strategy on a regular basis.

The first thing that a food truck business must do is to try and establish how its social media strategy plan is working for it. It can do this by

  • Monitoring it’s your social media metrics
  • Assessing the engagement of its clients via social media promotions / loyalty programs
  • Surveying its clients for establishing how its social media pages persuade them to visit its truck.

Part of a social media strategy definition for a business is to try and get answers to queries like:

  • Whether its clients check its Twitter feed regularly for discovering where it is will be when their lunch time arrives
  • Are its clients inclined to go over to any truck/ restaurant that post anything on Facebook during their lunch time?
  • Do its clients visit a truck without any information from social media?

Such sorts of questions are going to help a food truck business establish the importance of its social media strategy definition. It will also help it understand the potential of its social media platforms in its growth and in increasing its fan base.

The amount of time that a business must devote to Social Media

Once a food truck business understands the part that Twitter and Face book play in its success, it is ready to start assessing the amount of its time that it must spend on such platforms. Next we discuss the tasks that such a business must complete as part of its food truck social media strategy weekly. Some of these are:

  • Writing down posts, taking snaps, and finding links for sharing
  • Scheduling posts for being published right through a week by the use of a tool like Manager App of Face book, Hootsuite and Buffer, which is what many successful food truck businesses do
  • Answer fans that’ve sent messages to it, followed it, shared/retweeted to any of its posts, or made a comment on any of its pages.
  • Surf the post of other people and start discussions with followers, food trucks, and additional organizations.

Several regular food truck owners have effectively managed their social media platforms by devoting about 30 minutes/day. Once a business has established a more streamlined social media management system it should concentrate on making the content of its posts better and reaching a greater fan base. For this it must:

1. Put in additional snaps

The greater the number of snaps that a business can post of everything related to its truck the better. A lot of food truck businesses use some image editing tricks for sharing first-rate snaps on their Twitter and Face book feeds.

2. Try finding informal Things that you can Share

Several food truck businesses post silly /random things on their social media pages. However a thing that they do is to try and restrict such posts to less than 10-15% of their overall content.

3. Run some Contests

This is among the most used food truck social media strategy of many food truck businesses. Bur they do a thorough review of the rules and checks connected to social media giveaways & have a discussion with their lawyers for ensuring that everything is being done correctly.

4. Tag People & Trucks

This is a common strategy of several food truck businesses. However while tagging someone, they ensure that they’re tagging the accurate person / page.

5. Stay connected with its Fans


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